Quality politics

The COAGUILAS Management has been committed to Food Quality and Safety since its creation, maintaining a policy based on the following principles:

  • Create a culture within the organization that allows us to anticipate the needs of our customers in order to offer them products that meet their expectations.
  • Involve all members of the organization in the development and improvement of Management Systems.
  • Adopt the necessary measures to guarantee compliance with the regulations applicable to our activity, as well as compliance with other requirements voluntarily established by COAGUILAS from the point of view of quality, legality, authenticity and safety of the packaged products.
  • Define and periodically review the objectives and goals established in compliance with this policy, within the continuous improvement process.
  • Compliance with established good practices by its employees, partners, suppliers, subcontractors and visitors in general.
  • Promote a culture of quality, food safety and sustainability throughout the organization, so as to guarantee compliance with all established work standards by workers, partners, suppliers, customers, and any interested party that is part of the organization. organization.

Food Quality and Safety at COAGUILAS is a shared responsibility of the entire staff, which contributes to offering a level of quality and appropriate food safety in all products handled and marketed, which is why the Management is committed to providing the necessary material and human resources. for the achievement of these principles.

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